of purpose and finding your way back…

twenty five is how young i am. i am choosing to look at the glass as half full and not half empty…lol. i do not have issues with my age, though others do.some think I’m younger than these…it is flattering but hey,respect the years.lol.Life indeed is a mystery.

Today i read a quote about goals and how winners know where they want to go, how to get there and who to share the adventure with.At this point,via that definition,let’s just say,I’m a loser!I have everything jumbled up.That’s what.I know where I want to be but I am allowing a lot of distractions, where I’m at that I end up,  stagnant.Oh well, all is not lost.I have found out my mistake and I am working on rectifying it.The biggest challenge is going to be me being faithful to me.A challenge that I so readily welcome.

Let’s start with writing.I have a blog page,this one of course.Imperfectous is what I called it because i think at the time, I was just realizing perfectionism is vain;a chasing after the wind.It kinda broke my heart but I survived.I wonder,did I start this so that I can be read more or to actually utilize my gift?Hmmm…a little of both and I have not been doing justice because,a writer can hardly write well enough without writing about him/herself.Sadly,i believe the best poems,the best words written are those of oneself.When you speak from your heart;from what you truly know and have felt and have experienced.That is when you sit back and go like,’whoa,i actually can write’.

This is not about pride or anything like that.It is just the truth and I know this and I have been chastising myself.Not anymore.I have been given a beautiful gift of writing.I have a way with words that surprises even me at times.I will be faithful with this gift and will be true to it and He who gave it to me.Moulding beauty is the name I had always known will define me for I believed,i think I still do,that I have been called to mould the beauty in those I come across.I have suffered from low self esteem and poor self image and God rescued me from it all.I feel it is now my duty to help another love themselves for who they are and not desire to be another person.To be a poor original than a perfect photocopy.We all have something to offer to this world,that no one else can if we don’t and when we go copying another,we cause the world to lose out on something very vital.
So maybe going with a different name made me lose my way, but now I am back.I am retracing my steps to where I left off and I am getting back on the right track.

I am back to moulding…and that I know for me requires a lot of nakedness. A lot of bearing of my scars so that someone else may not have to feel the pain and you know what,I am super ok with that.There is something amazing about knowing who you are and what you are about.A beauty in discovering just where it is that you fit.When you are comfortable in your skin, you really do not care much about everyone else.You do not care about if they are moving faster or slower…You are comfortable because you know who you are.And I told God that I wanted ,my 25th birthday to be one with a difference.I told Him I wanted to grow;to be a better person;to be the person He created me to be and every day I promise, I see Him at work.He may not be moving at the pace I would like Him to,but He is at work and not bothered much by what I think.

So,as far as my writing is concerned, Moulding Beauty is back and with a bang.And I will remain true to myself and to my calling.Get ready y’all,the kitchen is about to get heated up!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all who follow me and those who stop to read my work.I do hope and pray that somehow you get encouraged or challenged or blessed by my words.

Have a good morning or afternoon or evening or night, depending on your time zone and be blessed….


Moulding Beauty.


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