what i want…..

It is a beautiful Monday morning,albeit the cold. I had a lovely weekend,of truths that cut deep to the innermost and laughs with friends that simply soothe the soul.A few lessons were learned and on top of the list is that I have been going through life like a headless chicken,not really knowing where I’m heading to!Not really knowing what I want.That’s what a friend told me is one of greatest malady and as I thought about it,and somewhat found it to be true,what was totally true is that I do know what I want only I am scared to go for it because I am not sure how everyone else will handle it!

I know,quite lame,right?Whatever…hehe. But honestly it was a profound realization and so now I had a talk with God and I told Him, to give me the courage to go for it. Knowing what I know,I know I may end up losing some people and yeah, kind of sucks but it is what it is right?You simply cannot live your life trying to make everyone else comfortable at your own expense.Seriously.I am not super woman and this has been a very nut to swallow…hehehe…Honestly,I have always believed I can take care of everyone else without damaging myself.Now I know better,God is the only one who can do that.

Anyhow,it is not healthy for you to be apologetic for being who you are.I mean.if someone is truly bothered,they can take it up with your Creator,coz what do they expect you to be?You cannot please the whole entire universe,no matter how sweet and nice and accommodating you are,there are haters and the world simply wouldn’t be complete if they did not exist.Things we have to live with,right?

I gotta get back to work and be faithful to my employer,so I will end this here and probably get back to it later,but for now,it is ok to want what you want,as long as it is legal and you are free to be you.Do not apologize for it and do not hide your light so that others’ lights can shine brighter.Ah ah,do your thing and as long as you are clean about it, you will be ok.




4 thoughts on “what i want…..

  1. Kenya.

    It sounds exotic and exciting from here. The closest I have been to there is Egypt.

    Perhaps it is because you are from such a different place that your thoughts seem so perceptive. After all US is not the most perceptive place in the world.

    Do you live in Nairobi?

  2. Hey knoti, thank you for always stopping by and being kind enough to leave a comment. nope. not in the States. I am from Kenya… well, experiences always come to us..the same kind usually just different times and how they are dealt with also counts…thank you.

  3. Cold!

    I guess you are not in United States.

    And not in this time zone either, already at work. It is kind a tragic to imagine that someone is already at work while it is 2 am here.

    Anyway your insights are helpful as usual. It sounds like you are talking about my life.

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