the end of the road…

here i stand,

at the end of this road.

got tears in my eyes

and a smile on my lips

a mixture of emotions

the last petal of the rose in my hand

as the sun slowly fades away,

giving way to the masters of the night,

i can hear my heat beat

i can feel the butterflies in my stomach

no turning back

only way is forward.

shall i hold on to this last petal?

shall i gently blow it to the wind

for it to land wherever it will?

beyond the horizon,

a promise of something amazing not yet seen

let go of the familiar,

wecome the unfamiliar?

i wish i could change the script

but i guess the author already knew

this was as far

as we could go.

as a tear falls on the petal

i guess it is time

may love, joy and happiness be yours,

wherever your path takes you.



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