commitment n consistency

commitment and consistency.

we make commitments on a daily basis

to our relationships

to our jobs

to our health

we commit to do certain things

and for a while we are very enthusiastic

then we start to slack down

slowly by slowly

before long

we forget what it was

we committed to do

we allow distractions

and now give excuses.

it may not be easy

usually it is not

times we have to get out

of our comfort zone

to do that which we committed to

and we love comfort zones…

no matter what

we should be consistent

in doing and being

that which we committed to

even when we feel not like it

let us honor our words

let us be people

whose word can be trusted

moreso by oursleves.

let keep our word to ourselves first.

keep going

even when you don’t feel like it

just keep going

and stay committed and be consistent

like i promise to do

on my blog. 🙂


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