man is the head…

Today I learned a very important lesson. Ithink this is why life is the school of hard knocks. You never know when you will have a lesson so you just have to be always ready because if you miss the lesson,let’s just say…So i’m in a bus heading to work and the conductor starts collecting the bus fare. He somewhat decides to charge a higher amount and didn’t the women go balistic! Complain after complain after complain.Behind my book, I had a smile. A little while later,one of the men calls the conductor and asks him to speak to his manager about the whole fare issue and he is told to pay the amount that the women were advocating for. Then it hit me why men and women will never be equal. We will never be on the same level for the simple reason that we are different. Created differently and just a lot of differences. I have made peace with it. Women complain about things, men look for solutions.Simple.

Then I read the Bible and I am reading about how Esther happened and of course there is Queen Vashti,who decides to ignore a decree from the King and when he sort his advisors,he was told to take the royalty awaay from her and get someone better. The advisor’s line of thought was that if the King let this pass then the other women in the kingdom will alos get disobedient to their husbands and the King agreed and the beautiful Vashti was robbed of her glory.How sad,and all she had to do was go out and look pretty.Really?

First of all,we need to know that our positions have influence. If especially you are in the public eye,there are people who do things just because you are doing them.So if you are,please be responsible and be a good role model. That said, women,we are the neck,men are the head. Eve was created for Adam’s companionship and to be his helper.No matter how with it you are,this is the ‘job description’our Creator gave us so deal with it.The neck supports the head.The head beholds the eyes and the brain,the very things that help in giving direction.The man is required to lead.Woman, you are required to support your man.Submission is our portion and no its not a punishment.I guess if we all played our roles,this play called relationship would really be simpler than what we make it out to be.

I don’t know about you.Personally,my man will be the head of the family and I will be his support system and no,i do not think that makes me less of a woman if anything,it makes me all the woman one can possibly be.And remember,submission is a command from God,so when you are being submissive,you are first,obeying God,the husband is just a

I will revisit this topic again.


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