I am done.

I am done playing second

Done being the one

Who understands others

Who sees the best in those

Who break and crush me.


I am done.

Done being the girl

Who everyone loves to like

Who everyone thinks is cute

And everyone walks over.


I am done

Done supressing my feelings

So another can be comfortable

Done being the bigger person

Being taken advantage of.


I am done

Done trying to prove

Just how much I’m worth

Done trying to make them see

Just how amazing I am

I am done trying

To make the blind see


I am done

Done making excuses

Simply because I love them

Even when they hurt me

Done being the one

The bigger person who

Always takes the blame

Always picks up the pieces

In the guise of

‘I am a strong person’


I am done

Being taken for rides

Round the round about

Words saying this

Actions speaking a different language.

I am done

waiting at the bus stop.


I am done.

I will not lose myself

In being me

I will break down if need be

Without an iota of shame.

I will get mad and scream

And wait for an apology to be made.

I will seek explanations,

Not merely push matters

Under the carpet.

I will be me in all my elements

And not be apologetic about it.






4 thoughts on “I AM DONE!!!!

  1. Brilliant, my friend!!! This is a poem of power! Keep fighting for yourself, Imperfectous, and never give up! To quote a favorite author of mine, “Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it!”

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