our journey’s end…

i watch him sleep

watch the rising and falling

of his chest

underneath his shirt

i reach out and stroke his face

the face i have looked upon

so long i could almost carve it out

from my memory.

a tear escapes my eye

as a smile, though crooked

forms across my lips

he was once

my knight in shining armor

he was once,

the answer to all my questions

my life seemed to be alive

whenever he was around

his voice was angelic

his laughter,

music to my ears…

he was the love of my life

the one who completed me

he was the joy within me

when all else was dull

he was….

not anymore

we lost our path somewhere

we both took separate routes

without even knowing

until the day we stopped to check

and we were not by each other’s side

the distance so far

our hands could not touch

no matter how far we stretched

we looked at each other

from the distance

wanting so much to get back

to the path we shared

but so much had happened

too far we had walked

the choices were quite simple

we either go back

to where we separated

or one to go

and join the other

or we simply comtinue on our individual paths

and hope they will yet again,


that i loved him was not in doubt

that he adored me,

well, nothing could have been more obvious

but that we were at different levels

was as clear as day is

from night

or as white is from black

our goals driving us to different directions

so different that one would have been

forced to give up their dream for the other

too high a price

for anyone to pay.

and as i watched him sleep

as peaceful as a sleeping child

i knew it was over.

he would always be loved;

always be special;

maybe a forever friend,

but our journey together

had reached its destination….


4 thoughts on “our journey’s end…

  1. I feel as if I am intruding on your heart space. you share your words and I feel them, as I have felt them with my own love. It seems to me you are standing still, you have reached your destination and you have reflected… as I took the path of time with you I have seen that your destination has evolved and is probably still evolving… and with that is growth. Love comes in many forms…

    I have been with my love for 14 years, I have loved and hated and fought and finally I gave up. We are to be married soon and I find that my love changed, it is not a fire, merely a flame, but a single flame still burns and love always evolves.

  2. This isn’t just a poem. It’s a personal journey, and I ran each step to find out where it went. You have a very real talent, Imperfectous, and I loved reading this. It really spoke to my heart, and I felt the anguish and the joy and love that the woman in this poem felt. Beautiful. 🙂

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