Permission denied!!!!

So,my computer is totally acting up and i haven’t been able to access my blog page(annoying)and using my phone is a bit of a stretch but you know what,i think i love imperfectous just enough to use my phone.and it has been a trying time,the last few weeks i mean.but in the difficulty,i am learning a lot of new stuff.and what i will write today,you are important,whether others notice it or not,you are important and once you get that through you,lets just say,life will get will know the offers to take and those to just let pass.once you know your worth,no one will make you feel any less,of course unless you let them. Actually,no one can affect you,positively or negatively,without your permission. Just remember that the next time you are about to react to someone. You can choose to be the bigger person…


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