the greatest love of all

what do you see,when you look i. the mirror?
do you see a masterpiece?
a beautiful piece of art?
or are your flaws too huge,
that they block your view?
do you feel important,
knowing that God must have a reason
for creating you?
or do  you weigh yourself
by societal standards
and you find yourself wishing
to be someone else
coz you dont seem to fit?
is your identity,your worth,
attached to what you do,
or who you’re with?
or do you know in your heart of hearts,
that you are precious,
because Your Creator says so?
do you settle for less,
simply because you believe,
you dont deserve better,
stemming from the experiences you’ve gone through?
who at the end of the day,
decides for you?
who has the power,
to make or break you?
who have you given,
that responsibilty to?
God’s report should be the final word
His report is what you should,
weigh yourself and everyone else’s against.
then you will find yourelf,
smiling a bit more,
noticing the silver lining,
in the dark,heavy clouds.
you will be happier
for He is not demanding
and whatever He asks of you,
is for your own good…
the greatest love of all
is learning to love oneself…


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