A child again…

Lord,for today only,can i go back to being a child?to not having so many worries?i mean,when did life get so complicated?when did black and white become gray?
I look at the babes and i want to shelter them. Shelter them from the cruelty of growing up or maybe prolong their childhood years. Give them more happy memories because once adulthood checks in,its like the laughters cease and smiles are few and forced. The rain now i run from while the children play in it…
I don’t mean others have it easu. I only know my share weighs heavily on me. So many times iv thought of giving up;throwing my hands in the air and letting go but iv held on. You have helped me hold on.
Tonight,i only want a moment in time. I want to be at my mama’s bossom as i listen to daddy’s stories. Tonight,i want to be a child;my parents’ child. To just forget everything else and feel their love and warmth. Is that too much to ask?
I can’t seem to remember when i last smiled truly or laughed from deep inside… Too much heavy clouds surrounding me…i just need a streak of sunshine. Something to honestly make me smile. Dear Lord, just one moment…


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