it takes two to tango

I embarked on a journey,to figure me out.In the presence of His majesty.He is my Creator and so i figured he knows me better than any other,so I am back to the basics…He is teaching me new things about me daily. Showing me what i have been doing wrong and telling me what the right path is.Today it was about it takes two to tango.Let me break it down…

I come from a back ground where I was always made to feel like im the one on the wrong.I have always been the one who apologizes first and takes the blame for situations even where i am the one who has been clearly wronged.i guess i figured that way, i will be able to be liked more.That if i did that those in my life will not want to leave.I have been ‘left’ by important people in my life and that became a fear.people leaving me and so i would do whatever it takes to keep them hanging around.yes,even taking fault for things where i was the is not a healthy way to live….

So God,holds my hand and tells me,you are not a problem and you are not the problem.That is what i have always thought without even knowing.I am always quick to apologize because of how i view myself.I look at me,and see a problem.I have been going through life thinking something is wrong with me while that is not the case.At least not according to God,and you do not know how relieved I am to know that!

The thing is,when you have a misunderstanding with someone,it was always easier to point fingers at each other and go like,no its your fault.God showed me a better way of doing things.He told me, sit back and get out of your seat.You already know how you feel so that is not the problem.Flip the coin to the other side.Look at things from the other person’s point of view;be objective.Take the responsibility for the role you played and let the other person do the same.if we all took responsibility for our actions,i believe the world be a much peaceful place.and we would have beautiful relationships.when we just stop to think objectively and not be controlled by our emotions,we would not hurt each other as much as we do when we just stop at what wrong has been done to us and not look at what wrong we have done the other person.

if you are like me.if you are always making excuses for everyone else.if you always are the one who understands everyone else and where they are coming from and you do not let yourself be understood,i am telling you that it is ok to throw that are human at the end of the day.and it does not matter what everyone else thinks about you.what people have done or said to you that has made you feel less of a person.that you think that there is something wrong with you.that you are the problem.i am here to just remind you that you are not a problem and you are not the matter how it looks,God says,you are not the problem.just remember,it takes two to tango.admit your part,apologize for it and let the other person do that as well and then move on….



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