the right thing?…i will be ok.

why does the right thing

always have to be so hard?

why does it have to always hurt so bad

making you want to go crazy.

making you want to go back to the status quo

go back to that which was comfortable

that which you knew

that which was familiar?

why does it push you so hard

that you are left between a rock and a hard place?

why does the right thing cost so much?

i know it’s right

but it hurts so much

and i wish i didn’t

but God holds my hand

He smiles at me and says

“when its all over,

the joy and peace that will fill your heart

will be so much more worth

than the pain of the thorn

you feel right now

when it’s all said and done,

you will not remember

the pain you are now facing

and you know what,

it is ok to cry

it is ok to stop and take a deep breath

before you take the next step.

I am here with you

through the highs and lows

when the sun shines and when it rains

i am here with you

and i will be to the very end

for you cannot outdo my patience

and you can never make me stop loving you

so fear not child

walk in faith

walk in hope

walk in trust

for the Lord your God

has your back.

you will be ok”

the very words i need to hear

that after the night,morning

to remember that this is temporal

i will smile again.

i will be ok.

another day spent…


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