the unknown…

i stand at this place
the path i chose
i took a risk
let go of the known
embrace the unknown
but with God by my side
he is all knowing
hence i can trust
to be led in quiet waters.
i dont know what the end looks like
i know not
who i will find
waiting for me
at the finish line.
this is my chance
to put my faith to work
to put my hand in God’s
let him lead the way.
he loves me i know
wants the best for me
anything precious
goes through some flames
for its beauty to emerge
so back to the Potter’s hand i go
and await to be marveled
when at last i look at me
in His mirror
see the new me
watch this space….


4 thoughts on “the unknown…

  1. VERY beautiful writing!
    I really believe if you give it ALL to God (pains, hopes, your committed following) then you will find the ultimate things of this life. Stay strong!

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