losing faith…

life has no real guarantees
it is like gambling.
someone once said,
hope for the best,expect the worst
yet we still go right ahead
and make demands of life
we seek a 100%assuarity,
before we take the next step.
we are told that if you never take a risk
you’ll never really know
faith is belief
in things not seen
but do we have it anymore?
do we believe anymore,
that all things will work out
for our good?
do we believe that
if one door closes
another will open?
do we believe
there are 10ways
to skin a cat?
i find i have lost my faith
i find i have been seeking for confirmations
wanting to be sure,
before i take a step.
i find it hard to trust,
to let go and let another lead…
but im working on it.
working on getting the faith back
working on trusting again
working on following my heart
not being afraid of making mistakes
knowing that it is ok to fall
as long as i dont stay down
it is ok to break down
and not know what to do
it is ok
to not always be
cool calm and collected
it is ok
that i am imperfect.
i shouldnt be afraid to be me
shouldnt change me for another
to be true to me and my course
it will take time
but i will get there.


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