Kenya my mother land

Dear Kenya,

I hope you are well. Okay,I know you are not but i hope that at least you are holding up pretty well.I am one of your daughters,and It’s been a while since you heard from me I know.I am trying to make up for that.

I know we have not been reflecting the values that you instilled in us when we were young and in your care.We have grown up and the ways of the world caught up with us.We have got our hands in the dirt and you almost no longer recognize us;at least not without tears in your eyes.You shake your head in regret,when you see the animosity we have towards each other.It breaks you and for the longest while we have not stopped to think about our actions and how they affect you.Selfishness has become our identity.Every man for himself and God for us all.That seems to be the mantra we live by.

A few years back,we made you bleed so badly,I think you were ready to renounce us as your children.We turned against each other simply because we shared different views and we put you on fire.We forgot about the bonds we had formed with each other over the years.We forget about our similarities and chose to dwell on our differences and on account of that,we killed each other.As a mother,Kenya,all your children matter to you and you wailed for the slain ones.You wailed but our anger was too loud that your cries were reduced to mere whispers.We did not stop to think about what we were doing.We focused on things that really don’t matter.We torched you up in flames and the flames licked up your tears…

It was a dark time for us.Who would have imagined that we were capable of such animosity?Thousands of your children were left homeless.Chased away from the places they knew as home and left to figure it out for themselves.Those directly affected left with scars that will probably last a lifetime.Those too young to understand what was happening just crying,the only thing they knew best how to do as some saw their parents butchered right in front of their eyes.You put you in the world wide news and the whole world was in shock as we were known as one of the most peaceful nations.The pain we caused you…

Blame game has never produced results and that is what we turned to.Pointing fingers left,right and center.No one willing to claim responsibility for their part in the whole madness and hence no solution being found.No healing taking place as those directly affected seek for their consciences to be set free.We talk about forgiveness but who are we forgiving?So,the ICC has confirmed charges amongst some of the people being considered as the masterminds…A step in the right direction i guess but what about that young child in an IDP camp somewhere who knows nothing about the ICC?How are we helping them move on with their lives positively?

Politics they say is a dirty game and we all agree.For four,now five years we have been having talks about the IDP’S being resettled.I do not really know how much progress we have made,I mean, in connection with the number of tents I still see in camps.And to know that if we were truly caring,these camps would have been brought down a long time ago,it is saddening.The politicians have their campaigns on the roll and the amount they are apparently supposed to spend is appalling!For them to be willing to spend all that yet others do not know where to get their next meal from.To these,all the politicians have let you down.All of them and my vote will go to whoever will have a plan for the IDPS in their manifesto,otherwise,my vote is not being wasted on any of them.

But Kenya,I may not have been directly involved but indirectly I think I was.That negative thought i harbored or the nasty words i spoke.It was part of the firewood that burnt you and for that I am sorry.And as much as I am pointing a finger on the politicians,I am not without blame.I may not be able to resettle all of them,but as a sister,I could have stretched a helping hand to even one.I could have gone to visit one of them in the camps.Spend a day with them and just try and make them have a smile.I could have,but I let myself get too busy.But there is still an IDP out there and I still have the capability to touch a heart and Mother Kenya,I will.I will reach out,whether anyone else joins me or not.I will play my part.I will reach out to one of your children Mama and make a difference in their lives.For in all these,I still have a house and food and clothing.I have my issues but not as heavy compared to them.So I will share that which have with one who really has nothing much.I will do my part and be counted.I will make a difference.

Mother Kenya,my prayer is that we learned,our lesson albeit the hard way and that we will not ever again allow ourselves to fall victim of our differences or let anger make the decisions for us but that peace,love and unity will guide us and with that… The Kenya National Anthem

Oh God of all creation

Bless this our land and nation

Justice be our shield and defender

May we dwell in unity,peace and liberty

Justice be found within our borders.

Let one and all arise

with hearts both strong and true

service be our earnest endeavor

and our homeland of Kenya

Heritage of splendor

Firm may we stand to defend.

Let one with all accord

In common bond united

Build this our nation together

And the glory of Kenya

The fruit of our labor

Fill every heart with thanksgiving…



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