giving in my element….

I t is more blessed to give than to receive…We have heard this so many times. Not sure how many of us actually adhere to this rule but well…..

I ma a Kenyan and I totally love my country. Times I wish I could sack all the politicians we currently have (most of them at least) because they do not seem to be helping this beautiful country of ours.Of course unless they think by helping themselves selfishly they are actually helping us…how twisted would that be? hmmm.and i suspect there’s a high chance it is true!

So,we are going for elections,some time this or next year.have they decided yet?Not sure.After the 07-08 post election violence,let’s just say,news ain’t my cup of tea.The dog eat man kind of reporting is what still works here and if you ask me,i think there are better things that we can see on our screens….

I shall not say anything more about them (i hope i won’t have to) This post was to be dedicated to the IDPS. Those who suffered most when we turned against each other after our preferred candidates did or did not is now five years down the line and the amnesia suffering Kenyans we are,we seem to have forgotten about them.Some still living in camps and the politicians planning to spend how much on campaigning?The thought of it makes me sick!

Well,I am not totally innocent,in my own court that is because I have talked too much about doing something with the IDPS only I never have got anything going.I really would like to help make them have better days.I am still here and they are still in the camps so I still have an opportunity.I won’t lament here.I will go ahead and do something this time.If you read this and you have an idea whatsoever of how I can tackle this,kindly share….

And hold me accountable someone.Keep asking me what exactly I am up to in connection to this.Thank you.



One thought on “giving in my element….

  1. I agree it is more blessed to give than receive. Blessed to be ABLE to give, (i.e to have the necessary resources e.g time, money, kindness, generosity, and the feeling of personal safety/abundance and so forth) blessed to feel the joy of helping and hopefully to impart some joy, hope etc to the recipient(s).
    Many years ago when I had little money and my beloved cat companion was ill a dear friend sent me a cheque so that I could take Jack the cat to the vet. The cheque came in a card which included these words: ‘This is not a loan. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to help.’ How cool is that?
    At the same time, it is good to be able to receive with grace, joy and gratitude, no?
    In my ideal world we would all be sharing endlessly.
    I have no idea how you can further help these displaced people; but I think you’ve helped already by speaking out on this post.

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