the haunting past…

she stared at the mirror

her eyes stained with tears

she had said never again

a word from him is all it took

it brought back the past-

rashing like a torreny

she had done such a perfect job

of trying to hold it together

they all believed she was perfect

only that perfect does not exist

she was not prepared

for the stingy tears in her eyes

but they came

and they did not care

her heart was breaking

as she went back to that place

that dark far away place

the place where all her demons existed

she wanted to run away

wipe the tears like days of old

touch up her make up her make up

put on the perfect plastic smile

but she couldn’t

the can of worms was open

there was no going back

this was it

she was finally going to confront her past…

thanks to his wittiness

he didn’t know

but he had pushed all the wrong buttons

and now she had to face it

the walls came tumbling down

it was all starting over….


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