Dear Parent,

I just read on face book that a friend of mine has lost her 11 year old brother,who had been recently taken to boarding school but apparently he didn’t like it or he was having issues settling in.It is sad and scary for the family,I can imagine and that has inspired something.

Parents,we love and appreciate you and we also understand that you have walked this world before us and probably know a lot better in theory,concerning life,what is right and wrong and all that. We thank you for always being by our side but today I have beef with you.

You had your life to live and you are still living it.I may be just a child but you know what,this is my life and the decisions I make today will definitely affect my tomorrow,so please,do not be too quick to decide about my life and fate just because ‘you know best’. Remember, I am not a robot. I am a human being with feelings and well,I think they matter,no matter how little I am.Take time to hear me out,then explain to me why this can’t happen over the other.

I know,and especially in Africa,you say you do not have time for such things.I will have to remind you that times have changed and still are changing.Children of today are not as naive as say,when you were back in the day.We have so much more exposure and hence we get to gather a lot of knowledge about so many things,so the ways that worked for you will not necessarily work for me.I am just saying.And please do not take it personally,I am only airing out my views.

When you force things on me with a tyrannical rule.That it’s either your way or the highway.I end up feeling very oppressed in my own home and see all the people in history who ever revolted or rebelled, well, I just may end up doing something silly as that.

Parents,I think it would be so much easier,for you to tell me the pros and cons of something,instead of just telling me the do’s and dont’s. It will actually save you lecturing time that at times goes through one ear and out the other.

So please,listen to your children.When they tell you they are not comfortable with something,take time to find out why.Do not be too busy doing everything else,except the one most important thing that you should be doing,parenting!You end up missing out on so much.The big house,the flashy car,yeah,yeah,it’s all good but not at the expense of my bond with you.I am just saying,I need you more than I need all the material things you work so hard to provide for mE.

I hope you actually listen.


2 thoughts on “Dear Parent,

  1. i couldn’t agree more. i simply couldn’t. i love my parents dearly. I had all these frustrations until i was about 20… at which point my mom was driving me to sign up for the navy or something. i don’t want to do it, & it finally came down to that point when i put it bluntly, “thanks for the advice. but this is MY life. I”m the one who gets to live it, & the one who has to live with it. So, if it breaks ur heart if i fail, that is your problem, quite frankly. i have enough to deal with myself. This is my life. my choices, my chance, & my future at stake. You have your life. I love you & your advice, but I may not take it. & you have to live with that, & love me anyway.”…. my mom cried & was hurt for a couple months, but since then, i can’t tell you how much better & more amazing our relationship is… i feel respected as an adult. i only wish they would treat my baby sister with more respect for her opinions & what not. but i guess everyone has to speak up for themselves at some point… just like you in this… nicely put.

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