It is yet a new day and this weekend just turned out to be full of surprises!I made it through though and here I am and I am all smiles.One of the things that I have had time to think of and want to act on like yesterday is the fact that I need my blog to have a purpose.Like I want it to have a voice that if you hear it anywhere you will be able to know that it is me.Well,I have never been one to have just one way.Usually I am all over the place but I would like to have like a theme?Like this is what I am about.Imperfections is what I started this blog on and I have found that i have so wavered from that point,I hardly know where I’m at right now.Not to worry though,I will find my way.Life is a journey,travel it;it is a treasure hunt,seek it out.

So,how do i go about having a themed blog?Well,what is it that I really want to share with anyone who stumbles upon my blog?I would like to educate,entertain and encourage.The heaviest of the three is encourage and that in terms of,always reminding us that we are imperfect.It is ok to mess up;that does not mean the world comes to an end,it simply means tomorrow is another day and you can give it another try.I am about making people comfortable in their own skin.Helping people love who they are just as they are.I have been through the road of self doubt and self hatred and it was one of those journeys you wouldn’t want another to go through no matter who they are.friend or foe.

There is something amazing in knowing your purpose and fulfilling it.That every day you wake up and start your day,you find yourself doing that which you know you are supposed to be doing?No greater feeling.That’s why for me it is writing articles that bring hope.Going to schools and talking to teenagers in a bid to encourage them to be the best them they possibly can be.These are the things that make me feel like I am making my contribution to earth and I start and then allow myself to get distracted.But not any more.

My Pastor has been walking with me and he told me the key word to make it to where it is I want to be is CONSISTENCY! Keep going.Keep doing the thing that you’re doing that is working.Be consistent.You may not see the results ASAP!It also takes a while for a seed to germinate and finally grow into a tree or something.The farmer is consistent in his watering the plant.He does it faithfully without fail.No matter how long it takes,he will continue watering.And so it should be with us.With what we do.People should be able to look at us and know they can depend on us;they can trust us because we have a pattern of being consistent.

So that is my word for the year….CONSISTENCY and this in everything that I do.Now I feel like I am ready for this new week.To enjoy myself and have fun with all I do as I practice how to be CONSISTENT!


4 thoughts on “CONSISTENCY…..

  1. Ahhh, consistency. The thing that always escapes me.

    I really enjoyed this post, because it’s a reminder of why I want to write, and a reminder that no one is keeping me from doing it but myself.

    So I am with you, Imperfectous! Let’s try to stay consistent!

  2. A. i love the idea of imperfections being our beauty. I mean, Marilyn Monroe’s mole became her trademark… And, we’d be so boring without it. And as far as consistency goes, if we only testify to God in the good times, or only remember him the bad, then we are neglecting our daily calling. To glorify Him in goodness. I love where you are going with this… one last quote for you….

    “A diamond with a flaw, is worth far more than a pebble without imperfections…”

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