God loves me…and you too…

Today I woke up and there was this sense of a still small voice assuring me of God;s love for me. Reminding me that God is not like man and when He loves,  He loves. Been going through a lot of changes on my life. Some pretty difficult moments and I have found myself lost. Walked far from the arms that keep me warm.I am roaming about in the cold and dark and I look at myself in the mirror and I am not proud of what I see.And I have been too focused on me that I forget all about God and who He is and today morning He took the liberty to remind me.

He still loves me.Just as I am,lost and confused,His love has never changed.It has never been more or less.For God’s love is perfect and it is constant.He reminded me that when He looks at me,He sees the lost child He sent His only Son to come and die for on the cross for her to be saved. I have not lost value in His sight.I am still precious and important to Him.And no,His love does not demand anything,it is unconditional.And He looks at me struggle with whatever I am struggling with and He reminds me that He is there for me.That when I am ready to let Him in;to let Him help me,He will be by my side in a second.But the main and important point is that He loves me and that will not change.

I don’t know where you are at in your life.I do not know what you are going through or what you are feeling or thinking.You may be feeling too dirty to even say a word pf prayer.You may be feeling too unworthy when you think of what it is that you have done or are still doing.Just as God has reminded me this morning;just as He came to me in the midst of my mess,I take this chance to remind you God loves you.He has always loved you,He loves you and He will always love you.Take comfort in that…


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