mirror mirror on the wall….

ever looked at the mirror and wonder who it was staring right back at you?

Like you can see the resemblance,

The reflection most certainly looks like you

But you wonder if it really is you?

Because the person you have become

Deep inside you

Is so much different

From that in the mirror.

You know how much you have changed.

How far you have walked,from the image staring at you

Yes outwardly its the same Ol’ you

Deep inside,you know you are as different as Black is from White

And somehow you wish

You could go back to her

The Image staring at you

But it’s difficult

You are fallen too far

You are in this darkness that crawl around is what you can do

rying to find your way back home

It’s like you are in a maze

And every time you think you have it figured out

You think you have found the way out

You find yourself in a deeper mess

And you sit or stand

You refuse to move for a while

To do anything that matters

You let the wind blow you

Whichever direction it goes

And you hope that somehow

You will hit a tree or something

Maybe to get you out

Of the stupor you seem to be in

You almost wish,

Someone could slap you

Bring you back to your senses

But no one really knows

No one really notices

As what they see

Is the image you see

When you look in the mirror

And only you and God know

How false that image is

As the real you

Is nowhere near that image….


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