the truth…sets free

there are times when the truth hits you hard in the face and no matter how hard you try not to admit it,you just have to face it and these are usually some of the most liberating moments in anyone’s life.i had my meeting with the truth today and well,it isn’t the easiest thing to accept but once you do,it does set you free.

love will always say things as they delights in the truth and if someone says they love you and they cannot be honest with you,then there is a question man made me look at myself totally different today after a conversation we had and i am grateful for it because as i think about it now,i realize he was speaking from a place of love.not to hurt me or anything but because he loves me.

i have learned something.that at times when we look at ourselves in our personal mirrors,we mess up with the image.we see what we want to see.we see what will not cause any discomfort in us.we work with a skewed image though deep inside we know where the truth lies.and then one day,when we are not even looking for a mirror,someone will come and give us the true reflection of who we are and at that point,we wither choose to work on that image or to continue living in our falsehood.

be courageous enough to be able to handle the truth about yourself when it springs up.we are not perfect and our weaknesses are quite many but in accepting the truth about ourselves,we are able to deal with the skeletons in our closets once and for shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.very true words.find your truth today and let it not imprison you but rather let it free you.


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