the victim card….drop it!

Life sometimes happens,right?like it just happens and we find ourselves asking so many questions yet getting no answers.some blows that life hits us with leaves us totally confused and in a mood of confusion that we know not where to start.we start looking for people to always is easier to look outside rather than inside;within,for the root cause of is always so much easier to fault another person rather than seeing our hand in the is the easier way out and we all like easy,right?

i have learned that if someone has done something and the results were dire,that aint the time to condemn them and point fingers at them.believe you me,no one can reach the level of self condemnation that an individual gives to themselves.not the whole world combined can match it!so,yours is to seek a solution.if someone comes and tells you they are pregnant and say it is a 16year old,you telling her how wrong she was won’t help anything at that point.she probably came to talk to you seeking help so please do not make them feel worse than they already with the situation first then the advice bit can be had later when she is sober enough to hear and understand what you will be saying.

and well,as humans,i think it’s also time we stop putting the blame on everyone else and be quick to play the victim.i have come to accept the truth that it takes two to tango,albeit very slowly.i have been playing the victim card for way too long,until it hit me that it only keeps me from growing.keeps me in one spot;stagnant is the word.oh,and it’s also so not one really wants to be around a person who is always complaining about things in their lives and when you play the victim card,that’s what you end up doing.true,when something happens to you,you are a victim,at that particular time but after that,you make a decide to either continue being a victim or you pick yourself up,heal and move is a choice you make.and whichever side of the coin you choose,it will determine how you will live your life afterwards.of course,there always is a grieving period but anything beyond that is you just chaining yourself up to never really enjoying your life.

so make a choice today,will you live your life at the mercy of others or will you live your life by your own rules?i have done the former,now i am doing the latter and i wish i chose the latter first but then again,i wouldn’t know what i know now if i hadn’t gone through that moment.




3 thoughts on “the victim card….drop it!

  1. When I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the same comment. Is there any manner you can take away me from that service? Thanks!

  2. Everyone can learn from their mistakes, and one that has lived the life of the pessimist and changes their thoughts towards optimistic avenues will soon realise that there is a much better way…

    Positive thinking is definitely a step in the right direction…

    A very good posting my friend 🙂


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