i am positive….pt 1

she walked into my room,her eyes crimson red and tears still trickling.i could also see anger burning deep in her eyes and i wondered what had just happened.she sat down and for a few minutes we sat in silence,with her sobs being the only sound made.she finally gathered enough strength to speak and her words were full of anger and hatred that i pitied whoever was the cause of this.

“can you believe that bastard of a man?”i was taken aback.i was not sure if the person i thought it was was the subject here and i chose to stay silent and let her explain herself. “and he cannot even face me!he cowardly sends me a text to tell me that…..” another bout of tears.i put my arm around her and let her cry it out.i most certainly can’t tell her the proverbial ‘it’s ok’ because i don’t even know what we are dealing with.so i wait for the next words.

“i am from hospital G,and i tested positive” she said in a whisper. well,positive for what?i did not know she was sick or anything and sensing my confusion,she continued,”i tested positive for H.I.V. and the best he could do was send me a text and tell me to go get myself tested as he was from hospital and he was positive.”i got the news and didn’t know where to go and so i came here.” she said in a somewhat tired,i give up voice.it was my turn to be in shock!i could not believe what she had just told me and in my head i was screaming ‘NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’ A tear slipped down my face before i noticed she was staring at me and it hit me i was not the one who was positive and she came to me because she somehow believed i would be of help to her.so i shook myself back to reality and returned the spotlight to her. i guess i was feeling the pain because she was my virgin accountability sister.we had pledged to be accountable to each other in regards to keeping our virginity until marriage.we had been able to do so until he came into the picture and literally broke all her walls and left her bare.she charmed her way into her heart,and mind,if you ask me,and she could no longer think straight.and she had yielded.she had told me she felt she was the right guy and they probably will be together and well,the guy was all that,at least he acted it,and perfectly.he had us all charmed.

i remember her calling me the day after and she told me everything had gone well.that she had rather enjoyed herself and i told her to save the details.now,now,my heart went out to her.i was the only one who knew about her virginity status.i dreaded,on her behalf,the battle she had ahead of her,especially with her parents.did i mention she was their only daughter and a source of much pride to them.she was the daughter any parent would be proud of.i was genuinely scared for her but i had to be strong for her now.i was her best friend and she needed me now more than ever.i now totally focused on her…..



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