speak out… hold on.

i can see the tears

the ones you try so hard

to hide behind the fake smile

and all that make up

i can tell

that you are hurting

that your heart is breaking

when no one is looking

you wipe away the tears

you try to be strong

believing no one will understand

for so long

you have been dying in silence

you want to scream out

but no one would understand

you are already odd as it is

why draw more attention to yourself?

so an act you put up

an actor worthy of an oscar

you have everyone fooled

but i know you

i see beyond the masks

i see the pain you work so hard to hide

i know it all

not because i am some magician

some things

only experience can give

i have been there

done that

got a t shirt

im proud to wear it

so that you will know

you are not alone

that there is another

who has been

where you now are

and they made it

to the other side of the tunnel

and so can you

i wear the t-shirt proudly

for you and others like you to know

there is hope.

no matter how much it hurts

if you hold your head high

if you walk on

though times you break down

you pick yourself up and journey on

a day will come

when you will be strong enough

to stand up to your haters

to look them in the face and smile

and walk past them

like they don’t even exist.

so hold on

and be real

don’t hide it

do not die alone in silence

in speaking out

there is strength

and there is encouragement

coz you are never alone

even in that darkness

that your think is your own

if you lit a candle

you would see

the other many people

just like you

hiding in the dark

not knowing what to do

so speak up

i did

and i got help

and now i don’t have to fake it

i smile deeply and truly

i know better

i spoke out.

speak out

and you will find a hand to hold

and an ear to listen

and a heart to love you.

you will be ok

if you hold on

and speak out.


special dedication to all who have been subjected to some kind of bullying.


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