HAPPY 2012

It is 8:05 a.m in my country as i write this and i am in the office. got here way too early but it’s all good.it is a new year and the sun is out,looking beautiful but i do not envy anyone who will have to walk under this beauty at around midday.at this point,i say thank God for the job i have.for now,for the simple reason that its an office job.thank you.

the old is gone ,the new has come and with it lots of new possibilities and goals and hopes.it’s amazing how a new year makes you feel like a new person.how when you are counting down the seconds,its like you see all your dreaded moments disappearing with the year that’s just ending and it feels like a brand new start.you can almost claim amnesia of the events of the previous year.i think we are also more forgiving and accommodating come a new year.a new year always gives us a fresh start and it always does feel beautiful and freeing,letting go of old baggage.so happy new year!

if you are like me you probably have resolutions or goals for this new year.things you would like to achieve.i realized,having such a long list of these usually ends in a lot of bitterness for the person as you rarely accomplish anything.you look at the list and its length and you get discouraged.so here is a trick,make resolutions using one word or something.for example,my boyfriend’s new year’s resolution is consistency.that cuts across the borders.consistency at work,in relationships,spiritually,emotionally.it is easier to do and account for than if you have 10 different things.now,i am not saying you can’t work with many resolutions,again,we are all different and maybe i only speak for myself here.so,by all means,you know yourself better so work with what works best for you.as for me this is a year of living life to the fullest and growing up.i also want to be accountable for everything i do.those are my main targets and of course there are sub headings but these are my guide lines.

for my blog,i plan to write more useful and entertaining articles.i want your every stop here to be challenging and uplifting and one that will cause you to think on how to live your life to the fullest.i think my theme for this year or at least for the first months will be to positively impact.to put down words that will get you working towards something beautiful for you.and this at times may include facing some of those things we would rather not deal with but need to if we are to move on to better lives.POSITIVELY IMPACT!

your comments and ideas are oh so welcomed and i am working on rectifying my rss feeds.i’ve got a few complains in regard to that and i will work on making imperfectous as user friendly as i possibly can.

thank you for reading me and for following me and for just being you.let’s all have a roll this year,with more smiles than tears.





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