new year’s resolutions

The holiday season is almost drawing to an end. A new year just about to dawn. Beautiful it all is. the end of one thing and the beginning of a new one. we always make new year’s resolutions. some out of tradition or as a cliche. i don’t know why you do it, if you do it at all. setting goals is a healthy habit, if you’re going to be disciplined enough to follow them otherwise there’s no need for you to do it just for the sake. anyhow, SMART goals are the kind of goals we ought to be making. you is an acronym that i have talked about so much but somehow right now i can’t seem to remember what even S stands for! excuse me for that. i will get back to you on that.

anyhow, your goals need to be realistic and time bound and attainable,and measurable.hence you need to give a deadline to your goals.decide what the expiry date is and do an evaluation after that true to yourself. so you wanna gain weight? what is your game plan? how many kgs would you like to add within a certain period of time remember, being real with yourself will save you feeling bad about yourself for not attaining something you hoped you could but it is not realistic.

make a decision to improve make yourself better. learn from the mistakes you’ve made this past year. let go of the pains and hurts and start the year on a fresh note, clean and free of any ‘impurities’. let the new year be a new experience for you and just to keep you on track with your resolutions,get an accountability partner. someone who will hold you responsible for the goals you make.

as imperfectous, there are new resolutions coming up and i hope as my readers you will enjoy 2012 even more.

happy new 2012! and thank you for reading me.


3 thoughts on “new year’s resolutions

  1. PS in case you don’t realise – I realise you didn’t DECLARE them, but you declared them possible!!

  2. Whoa VERY brave to declare resolutions on the internet!!

    Good luck in 2012. I was just cruising. You have a great page here 🙂 N.

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