of a broken heart…..

she looked herself in the mirror, with tears streaming down her face as she re-lived what had just happened earlier on in the day.how could it be over?just like that.like the twinkling of an eye.she must be dreaming but every time she looked in the mirror and saw the tears…every time she felt the pain in her heart,she knew it was no dream.a dream could never hurt this much.it was done.after all she had done,all her work seemed to have been in vain.she had loved him sincerely and totally.she had given him the best of her and now,she had nothing left.she stared into oblivion,not sure where to start.where do broken hearts go?how do you move on from such a pain?in her head she had envisioned her white wedding.he had promised her heaven and a lot of other things and now,with just a few words,it had all come crashing down and she was not sure she knew how to get back up.

she sat and cried her eyes out until she had no more tears to cry.she just sat there.like a zombie.wishing she could wish the pain away.why does love hurt so much?why did it have to hurt so bad?she didn’t have any answers.she replayed their times together.the laughs and the fights and she missed him already,so dearly and she wondered how she was going to survive the next coming days.there is no manual,unfortunately,for a broken hurt.no easy way about going about it.the pain had to be felt and experienced before the healing could come.and as she asked God why He let her go through such pain.and of course the one question never answers is ‘why’ but He says that all things will always work out for good and that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us and that He will give us beauty for ashes….and she held on to these words.knowing that God is the one person who has never let her down.she sought refuge in Him and as much as she did not understand much,one thing she knew is that with God by her side,she will definitely rise above this ocean. it was going to take a while but she would hold on…..

where do broken hearts go?…………………………to the fixer…. God.


5 thoughts on “of a broken heart…..

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    • gulrotkake, thank you for your comment. well, isn’t that the beauty of a blog? you write what is in your head and mind without the pressure of it being perfect and yes i agree, for it isn’t the best post,even writers have their blue days.thank you for sharing your opinion though…hope you got something else that appealed to you….

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