disappointed..but man is to err

why am i even disappointed?why do  i feel like you let me down?why?i have no right.fine you are my friend and maybe i even had a crush on you at some point of life but that gives me no rights to be disappointed in you,or does it?see,i had this perfect picture of you.right there,my mistake.perfection exists only in our fantasies.in reality,there is nothing like that.but somehow i crossed the line and i branded you perfect,so that when i heard about what you did,my heart sank and i almost wanted to just hit you?i do not know for what reason but it just felt like a punch in the stomach.so i am over the shock i think,but now i find it difficult to look at you in the same breath as before.you have fallen from my skies and now you reside somewhere near rock bottom.i’m sorry,i know it’s not really your fault that i decided to believe you were perfect but in my world,you seem to have fallen from grace.

people forgive,right?i forgive.i can forgive you but i am not sure you think what you did is wrong;at least not yet,so what is there to forgive?well,thank you for the reality check.for reminding me that not all that glitters is gold and things are not always as they seem.i will be more lenient next time.i will remember that we are all humans,no matter how awesome someone may seem to be.and man is to error.

apologies for believing too much in you and in the kind of person you are…


4 thoughts on “disappointed..but man is to err

  1. thanks adollyciousirony. just that i found out something about someone that i guess i did not think was possible but maybe it was to awaken me to the fact that human beings are just that no matter how amazing they may seem!

      • its not a matter of meaning to or not just a matter of putting ones expectations about another too high and then you end up with them falling short of that and then you are reminded,man indeed is imperfect and flawed so…..thank you for stopping by.

  2. hmmm this is very sensitive matter but you are right, to forgive is the best thing we can do to those people who may have or would want to hurt us either they were aware of it or not. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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