black and white…

do you have times in life where you wish life was just black and white and not gray,where you are not sure if it’s black or white?colors make the environment beautiful but they also cause a lot of complications where blue cannot just be blue but either,light blue or sky blue or baby blue and you wonder, really?is all that necessary?all the shades i mean?it gets confusing i must agree but hey that’s the world of colors and at times you really need to be certain of which shade exactly it is you are talking about otherwise,you might end up with something you did not ask for….

so now i find myself in a dilemma.i cannot seem to settle on what shade of purple i actually prefer it the light shade or the dark one,or maybe the one just in between?they all have their own beauty and maybe that’s why it’s so difficult to choose one cause who’s to know the one you let go wouldn’t have made you complete?like Westlife sing?today i wish life was back and white,for then it seems,i would be able to make the decision faster but now i have to come up with a decision.weigh each shade and choose one…..what to do?




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