Gemini’s Drama…past meets present.

I walked into the office,feeling and i believe,looking all fly and confident,in my grey skirt suit and my briefcase in hand.The heels of course just added points to my look,not to mention my hair,held up in a neat pony tail.The make up was just right for the occasion.I walked to the lady at the front office and introduced myself.She asked me to have a sit while she informed the board that I had arrived.The board? I though that was a bit too dramatic but well,every company has its policies.

The lounge area was beautiful,marked with a carpet that made you sink just a little as you walked on it.A colorful place,after all,it was an advertising agency and creative minds need creative environments to help stimulate their creative juices. After a few minutes,the lady told me they were ready for me.I got up,straightened my skirt,picked my briefcase and headed to the board room. Just before i opened the door,i thought i heard a familiar laughter cut across the air.For a while I stood there frozen.Then I reminded myself that this was the new me;that the past is where it is meant to be,the past and probably my ears were just playing a silly prank on me.Do not ask me why i thought ears could play a prank but yeah.

I opened the door slowly but surely and when I stepped in,the murmurs and laughter stopped as all the eyes turned to face me,all except the man who was looking outside the window who looked so familiar.I would recognize that physique in darkness.My eyes could not also be playing tricks on me.I stared in shock as I waited for him to turn,for me to confirm what I already knew in my heart,that i did not even notice the man who was offering me a sit,until he tapped me on the shoulder gently,and i startled,it’s like I was from being hypnotized or something.I looked around and noticed eyes looking at me funnily and especially this lady who had apparently followed my gaze to him and it did not seem to please her.I later came to know her as his girlfriend.

I apologized with one of my innocent smiles to the man who had tried to get my otherwise occupied attention,and he smiled back in some sort of understanding and then i sat down.My heart was beating so fast,i thought the person next to me would notice.He was alerted of my presence and then he turned.And our eyes met and held for a while. He though,did not look the least bit shocked.He looked away and I found the lady staring at me with disgust.I knew my polite,smile wouldn’t work with her so I did not even waste it.I returned the stare and looked away.He brought the meeting to order and all eyes were on him,including mine as crazy thoughts went through my mind.

I heard my name and I almost jumped from my seat and as composed as I possibly could speak,I said ‘Yes Jerome’. More killer looks.I had just referred to him by his first name which I later came to find out was not allowed but as far as I was concerned at that point,I did not know that.He was Jerome.He had always been Jerome and somehow I felt he would always be Jerome….


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