how could an angel break my heart

my heart is in disarray

i wish i knew how

to get myself

back to the place

of peace and calm

but my sight is blurreed

with tears in my eyes

not understanding how

an angel could

break my heart

and as i walk

to no specific destination

hoping that somehow

i will get out

of this maze

memories flood my thoughts

of the moments we shared

and with every step

my legs get heavy

finally i succumb

i let go of any strength

i had left

on my knees i go

and let the tears flow

the thought of his arms

holding another

and his lips

kissing another

break me into pieces

and i wish i hadn’t

loved him as much as i did

as much as i do

then maybe i wouldn’t

hurt as much as i am

but what’s done is done

nothing much to change the past

yet the main question that lingers

how could an angel break my heart?


5 thoughts on “how could an angel break my heart

  1. Wow, it’s such a painful experience to have trusted and then be disappointed. Sometimes, it’s hard to get past the hurt but eventually when we heal, we are able to look back with a smile and celebrate our victories.

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