know your gifting

talents are freely given,I do not know how God decides what to give one or the other but i am just grateful for mine and that the moment i get a hang of it,let’s just say i will be having bigger issues to deal with other than cash.The Bible does say that your gifts will take you before kings.I guess God knew that we all can’t get straight A’s hence we all can’t go to University and get that white collar job so He made sure He thought of those of us who won’t make it there and He came up with gifts and talents,which He gave to everyone so that you will not be without a fall back know,football can pay your bills very comfortably,ask David Beckham,and many other talents.The challenge usually is,discovering what it is that one is good at.Once you have that covered,let’s just say,you will be smiling all the way to the bank and do not think the market is crowded,with 7billion people in the world,supply cannot surpass demand.So,figure out what it is you’re good at and if you did not make it to University or if you did but don’t have the means,start making money with what God has freely deposited in your hands and let the world be amazed!On that note,hand made cards is one of the things I do very well,so you can holla at ya girl for that special occasion that will be made more special if it is accompanied by a handmade card that can be made to your specifications.know your gifting and it shall take you before kings…in other words,it will take you places you never even dreamed of!


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