tell me….

tell me

what happens to us

once you leave

if you let go?

we are each other’s perfect fit

without each

the puzzle will never

be complete

so tell me

what will we do

if you give up

after the milestones taken

after the hills climbed

what will become of us

if we go our separate ways

will life make any sense

one without the other?

experience the best teacher

has warned me against it

so tell me

what will become of you

and me

if we go

our separate ways?


13 thoughts on “tell me….

  1. i have just read about her and a piece called stay and i already totally love her oh and thank you for your definition of me,quite accurate i could say…isn’t it amazing how one can tell about another just by their words?at least that is not judging a book by its cover…lol the beauty of words…where would we be without them?

    • Haha, I’m sure she appreciatd it. 🙂

      You’re welcome! And yes, it really is amazing how powerful words are.

  2. hmm,yeah.i think i did not like the whiteness before and that was before i saw the feature where i could change it to this so once i did change it,i have also fallen in love with it….hmmm,what you consider to be me? what exactly would that be?

    • Yes, I much prefer the darker color scheme. 🙂

      What I consider you to be?

      I consider you somewhat mysterious and vague, yet alive and intense. Your avatar picture evokes the feeling that you are transcendant, and that you ride the current of your words, that you pour your soul into them.

      That is what I consider you to be.

      You actually remind me of another blogger I follow.

      That is all. ;

  3. well,it already has i can assure you.this is one of the times i am super grateful for the internet.and i think im good with this theme.
    🙂 had asked for permission to copy yours…..

    • I saw that! But I rather like this theme of yours. It feels like you, or what I consider to be “you.” ;P

  4. This is beautiful. Thank you so much for commenting on my poem, otherwise I would have never read this. Magnifique! 😉

    • well,well,well,thank you tim, for browsing through and liking.i think reading other people’s blogs is bringing back my writing had somehow waned. merci beaucoup!

      • You’re welcome! 🙂 And I certainly know the feeling. Dx

        I hope it flares up soon, though! 🙂

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