not just anything

in my eyes

i am but a no body

a young girl

full of dreams and wishes

not sure if they will ever

come to pass

i look at others and admire

hoping i could be

half the people they are

i would be satisfied

but wait

you shake your head

you do not agree with me

i am not just anything you say

i am a child of God

and that counts for more

than i can ever desire for

on this world

i am co heir

of the heavenly kingdom

with Jesus

i am not just anything

i am double dg

drop dead gorgeous

beautiful and i

are synonyms

i am the head not the tail

my portion is to be a lender

not a borrower

i can do all things

through Christ

who strengthens me

i am not just anything

i do not need

to be anyone else

for in you, Lord

i am complete

you and I

are a multitude

and just in case i did not know

i am a masterpiece

well thought of

and carefully crafted

i am not an after thought

something created during God’s pastime

i have a purpose on this world

and anyone blind to see that

needs their eyes checked

i am not just anything

i am the best me out there

and no, i need not compete

for no one is in my league

i do not care which league you’re in

i do not desire to qualify

to play in it

i am ok with mine

i am not just anything

that is what

my Creator told me.




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