I AM DONE…set it off

I am done

and this time for good

i am done with wishing and hoping

i am done with dreaming and praying

don’t get me worng

God and I are tight

i am done with praying

for God to touch someone else

to start what i know

He has already ordained me to start

i am done

with fearing what will happen

wondering what people will say

not sure if i will have a following

failing before i start

for the simple reason

of not being courageous

to walk the road

less travelled

i have had enough

of tearing up every day

watching a child starve

or neighbor turning against neighbor

in hatred and animosity

fueled by those charged with

the responsibility to ensure peace

i am done

being at the sidelines

as my country goes up in flames

fueled by tribalism and corruption

i am done electing leaders

simply because

they pay me 200 bob

a week to the elections

not to be seen

until the next elections

i am done

voting as a tribal block

thinking in line of

‘it’s our turn’

Leadership is not about a community

it’s about servanhood

representing the interests of the people

who believe in you

and elect you as a leader

i am done

i will wait no more

i will talk no more

i will act

or forever keep my opinions

i will stand and be counted

i will vote wisely

based on performance

and not tribal lines

i will love my neighbor

and celebrate our differences

i will pay my taxes

and keep away from corruption

i will lend a helping hand

not because i have too much surplus

but because i can share what i have

without being inconvinienced

i am done being passive

i will wait no longer

i will take the first step

and not care who is watching

play my part and role in society



for eve of poetry

set it off




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