a new day has come

i can see the blue skies

peering through the dark clouds

in my eyes stains of tears

on my face a smile slowly forming

it still pains

the wound still hurts

the day you walked out

i found myself humming

unbreak my heart

say you love me again

almost screaming

don’t say what you’re about to say

begging you to be sure

before you leave my life

but your mind was made up

and when we said goodbye

i thought the angels cried

so many sleepless nights

turnig and tossing

wishing you would come back

realize you made a mistake

hold me in your arms

and never let me go

but that was all a dream

and reality sank in finally

you were not coming back

it was time for me to move on

and as i look outside the window

the sun trying to force its way

past the dark clouds

i understand its a sign

for me to smile again

to let go of the hurt

and start living again

and i let the last tear drop

i will forever hold our memories dear

always think fondly of you

and as part of me

will always love you

above everything else

i wish you love

it is a brand new day

a brand new start

and as sure as the sun

rises again

so will i love again.

i will cry no more

coz it ended

i will smile

coz it happened.





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