we ought to love the Lord more than anyone or anything else.In Matthew Jesus mentions that anyone who loves the parents or children more than Him is not worthy of Him…says a lot i guess.He is to be our first love.I mean,He gave up His life for us so really,no one should have a higher place in our lives than Him.But that is not the case,right?why do you think that is?Why is it that Jesus is the one who is always sacrificed for other people?Like if you had set time aside to spend in prayer and then you get a call,you do not think twice on canceling on Jesus but let it be the other way around,you start telling Jesus how He should understand and you know…and you wonder why you have so many issues in your life?Wonder why prayers are not being answered?Maybe that ‘date’ you had given God is the time He wanted to surprise you with that breakthrough but no,you end up going for something that really,at the end of the day could have wait but we do not believe human beings have that much patience and so in essence we take advantage of God’s patience and love knowing that He remains faithful even when we are faithless.

I guess not many of us share the kind of close relationship that Abraham,Isaac,Jacob,etc had because we do not take God that seriously.We do not hear from God because we are too busy to sit in silence;to be still in His presence.We simply have a kind of relationship that is active only when it works for us and that is when we have issues or we need something from Him.I guess very few of us get to experience God for who He is;very few of us get to enjoy His friendship and fellowship because we do not;we have not yet grasped His deity in full.We do not yet understand His glory.Times I wish we could go back to the times of Moses where there were all these protocols on how to go before God and all but it is all good.We have the freedom to choose and I am making it my prayer for the desire to worship God,not because of what He has done but simply for who He is.To go into His presence and worship Him in truth and Spirit.To humble myself before Him and just be in awe of Him.To love on Him.

Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, with all your mind,with all your strength…Love Him.


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