I am supposed to be thankful in every situation,right?I am trying so hard to be in this one but somehow the smiles are just evading me.Why I wonder?At least my man is happy for me;he is excited so why is my heart feeling…I don’t have the right word for it right now.Maybe it is because I have heard a lot of stories and so I thought the outcome would be different or maybe it’s because I am comparing myself with others who I am clearly on a different level with.I don’t know.But I will pray about it and ask God to give me a thankful heart as it is a better position than what I heard before.I will smile.

Other than that I had a random day.It was just there,with me in between work and the stone age i am currently reading.Seriously,it is stone age!Like it based on the times when people lived in caves and all that dram scientists tell us of man’s origin and not much.Other than that,it hit me that Public Relations may just be what I am cut out for.Journalism is cool and the fact that I can write has always made me feel I am supposed to be a journalist.Truth be told,I love writing and whether I’m a journalist or not,write i will.My dream thing is to host a talk show and well,I’ll get a good concept,get some sponsors,write a proposal to some media house,i think i have chemistry with the camera and on your screens I will be.You know what,if it is part of my script it will happen no matter where I will be so,Public Relations,you have made me cheat on he that I thought was my first love.You have come and seduced me and now I have fallen madly in love with you.Please do not break my heart..This is madness at its best but hey.

And my best friend may just be getting herself a boyfriend.How awesome.So,i guess my evening has had a great turning.I am looking all fabuloustic and im glad to be alive so any negative energy,thrown out Im gonna smile.Light up the world with my smile!




One thought on “randomness

  1. hi to all imperfectous.wordpress.comers this is my first post and thought i would say hi –
    speak soon
    garry m

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