I have come to the conclusion that love is what we need for the world to be the best place ever.The late king of pop sang and said,there’s a place,in your heart and i know that it is love….Heal the world is one powerful song and maybe the campaigns for peace in Kenya should adapt it?Just saying.So,I had this light bulb moment some time in the morning.Yeah,I was going to work a little late today and so I got a chance to sleep in and my brother,who we have suffered with from sibling rivalry,knocked the door to my room to find out if I was not going to work.It hit me,as much as at times he gets on my nerves,he actually does care about me.I guess people just have different ways of expressing their feelings but I do know that he loves me and then it hit me,love is like the greatest force ever and no wonder Jesus said that above all commandments,it is the greatest!

With love,obeying the other commandments comes naturally.More when it is loving your neighbor as yourself.Yeah,we are selfish and we always want the best for ourselves,so imagine if we all treated each other as we would like to be treated?Just imagine the kind of life we would have on earth if before we spoke or acted,we would stop to ask the question ‘Is this how I would like someone to handle me?’And then act in accordance to our honest answers?We wouldn’t have the crimes we have or the atrocities that we pull every now and again.It would be a peaceful place to live in.And we need not start with a very huge crowd,as they say,charity begins at home,so begin where it is you live and work and hang out.Be a little kinder to that service provider.Do not be quick to answer people back.Take time to think about the words and actions you feel like doing and be sure they would be things you would want another to do to you.Do not oppress people simply because you can or because you feel you are untouchable.No one is.There will always be someone better and stronger than you.You may not know them but they are somewhere,so do not be too quick to provoke them.

I know that I will change a number of things on my end.I will be a bit more tolerant.I will wait before reacting,actually,I will try keep off from reacting.Instead,I will listen more and talk less and think before taking any action.I agree,it will take some major effort but you know what,it is possible.If only I stop to remind myself that no,i do not live on an island and no,the world does not revolve around me.Then I will be able to think of my neighbor with more kindness and act out of love.And if we were to all make it a personal mission to act out of love instead of hatred or selfishness,I can assure you we won’t be worrying about next year(as Kenyans) and if we will have more clashes or not.We would indeed make the world a better place,if we reached out and acted out of love.




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