Jesus calms the storm…relax


That is my chapter of the day and it has a lot of miracles.There’s the one of the centurion and his sick servant.Jesus said He had not found anyone in Israel with such great faith.(you can go read to know what exactly happens to encourage you to read the Word). Then He heals Peter’s mother of a fever by simply touching her hand.I say, I totally want to know this Christ more,who by just a touch,no words spoken,healing happens.There is the two demon possessed guys who had terrorized that area.Jesus redeems them and sends the demons to a herd of sheep which ends up drowning and the owners rush to tell of that to the town and the inhabitants come and tell Jesus to be on His way.I don’t know.I fail to understand us human beings?Maybe they had come to accept the two possessed guys and what,they were angry the sheep drowned?But I’m still trying to understand the gesture of Jesus sending the demons to the sheep.Anyone with an insight,kindly enlighten me.There is the cost of following Jesus where you let the dead bury the dead and you do not have a proper place to sleep.I think missionaries understand this best.What captures my mind though is vs 23-27

Jesus Calms the Storm: The news headlines read…

Vs 24,without warning,a furious storm came up on the lake,so that the waves swept over the boat….The disciples were scared for dear life.And Jesus was asleep.This I think is the only place I read of Jesus being asleep.Anyway,that is not my main concern.Without warning!I guess usually the clouds get gray and then you feel the temperature changing.Usually there is a sign that it’s going to rain or there’s going to be a storm.Not this time.This time,the storm wanted to be a surprise.So probably it was clear blue skies and then voila! a storm!No time for preparing.Caught off guard and I guess that is why they got scared-the disciples I mean.There was no memo or anything and it wasn’t just one of those storms you say it will pass,this was rocking them hard and they were scared and I just think,how often have we found ourselves in such situations?Where a storm just appeared.Everything was fine.You had a job yesterday and today,you have been laid off.You and all the plans you had made.You are one week to the wedding and you find out your mate cheated on you a few months ago.There was a car accident and a loved one,you had planned to meet for coffee in the evening is no more.What do we do when the storm,when without warning,a furious storm comes upon our lives?We behave like the disciples.We get scared.Very afraid.We get scared and we are confused and we do not know what to do.We panic.We just are a mess.And we rush to God in prayer and wonder why is He so calm while our lives are in havoc?I mean,how can He just allow something like that to happen and He does not seem to be bothered or moved?Truth is,He usually is not moved!

God is all knowing and He knew you will be where you are at that point of devastation long before you were born,so no,it does not catch Him by surprise and He is in charge of the universe so He knows it is all under control because He is in control!The disciples go and wake Jesus ‘Lord save us.We are going to die.’ The power of life and death is in the tongue. I then wonder,why were they worried if they knew Jesus was there and the fact that they went to wake Him up means they believed He could do something about it but they were not so sure.So they made the situation look so dire,maybe to cause Him to act hurriedly.And Jesus simply says ‘Be still’ that is after telling the disciples how they are of little faith….like you and me.I mean,Jesus just speaking two words and calm is restored.

We tell Jesus about our mountains instead of telling our mountains about Jesus.That is where we get it wrong and lose focus and start shaking.Ye of little faith.You kind of believe but not totally.And God goes ahead and does it anyway.And I think,wouldn’t my life be so much simpler,if I just totally had faith in God and tell Him ‘you know what,you asked me to have faith,now I am.This is your call.You do what you wanna.I have done my bit.’ I mean,have you ever come across a man or woman of faith?Nothing bothers her.Nothing shakes her foundation,I mean when you have Jesus as your foundation….To them,whether it rains or it snows or the sun is out and about,their lives are not moved.Whether the economy is going up or down,that is not for them to worry about.Anyway,there is not much they can do about it.

Can you choose God over your circumstances and fears?Can you choose to relax,knowing He is in control?Can you be like Shadrach ,Meshach and Abednego and walk into the furnace not caring much and just letting God be God.I think that is it,we need to let God be God and do the things God does the way He does them and sit back and relax.Because with Him;with a firm anchor,no matter how strong the wind is,you will remain standing.I do not know about you but as for me,im gonna sit back,relax,do my part in faith and watch God do His thing.So I guess know you will know why you will always see me smiling…..


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