Love.We all have experienced it at some point.We all have scars from it and also some sweet memories about it.This is just a short advice that may go a long way,to help someone,i think.You know one or two people who have been badly scarred by love that they choose to have nothing to do with it.I agree,it is painful,totally.The one you hold dearest to you can cause you the gravest of all harms!So what do you do once love has bitten you?Do you become twice shy or do you pick yourself up,dust yourself off and move on?Well,the latter works for me,actually it has worked for me.See,I loved this guy.He is the first guy I totally let myself love and we was doing good,of course until I found out there was someone else who had his heart.Now,when we was together it felt real and I guess I decided I would leave it at that.That it was real while it lasted but the hurt that it caused was like someone stabbing me slowly and enjoying every minute of it.It was so hurtful I wished I hadn’t let my guard down but wishing was not really going to help me now.So,I worked through the pain.I remembered a quote that says, loving hurts but not loving hurts more and I believe it is true.Living a life devoid of love is just cold because God created in such a way to give and receive love.It is a part of us and when we deny it to ourselves,we are the ones who end up losing.

I have to agree,having truly loved a man for the first time was such an amazing feeling that instead of keeping me off love,I decided I would leave my heart open for more and more and love until the day my heart would find her match.So,I did not shrink back.I took time and mourned and let my heart heal and then I got back up again.I stayed away from dating though,not because of the scar,more because I was done with broken hearts and I told God I was ok with being single until my Adam came my way….

Love gone sour is painful and love is like one of those these things that will both hurt and heal you,if you let it.You do not shy away from it and start living a careless life,nursing your hurt and in the process hurting those who come across your path.Truth is,if you do not let go of the bitterness that love gone sour brings,you will not be able to do anything but hurt others in return.So,I don’t really care how bad it was.Left at the altar or whatever,God has a way of mending broken hearts and making them new if only we let him.And God is love.So,mourn if need be,cry or shout or break something,pick yourself up,dust yourself off and move on.You may be letting the real deal pass you by over someone who left and moved on already.It is a gift to yourself really.

Dare to love again and again and again until you get it right.


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