butterfly effect …..

This is where I start.

Right here where I am

With what is in my hands

Like God and Moses’ staff

What I have is what I need

I will not worry

About you, him or her

I will follow my heart’s desire

This will be

My contribution to the world

The butterfly effect

The ripples of one life touched

Leading to thousands changed

I realize now

It’s not about having millions

In ones bank account

It’s me meeting a need

Putting a smile

On an otherwise dull face

Lending a shoulder

To a heart that needs to cry

Holding a hand

For a soul that is lost and searching

It is in you and I

Doing little things here and there

Helping out where we can

With what we have

That will culminate

In a better world

For you and me

If only we all

Played our roles

To the best of our ability

The environment

Would be greener and cleaner

Children would be children

Playing without a care

Our differences would inspire

A need to understand

Instead of a cause of death

And love would be

The only debt

We owe each other

As it’s cord would

Bind us together

In unity….

When I think of the world

It feels like

A task too big and complex

But change starts with me

It starts where I am

Let me start with me

And my neighbor in need

And the rest would

fall into place.

If we all do our part

Then the world indeed

Would be a better place.


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