monday blues…totally

the 24th day of October.It is a Monday.I woke up quite happy and excited,it is a new day that the Lord has made,I should rejoice and be glad in is now midday and I am feeling totally random,or should I say unsettled.I don’t really know why?Maybe it is the feeling that I am not living up to my full potential.I am totally grateful that I have a job,I just wish it would be more engaging.I currently I’m at the front office and times I feel a bit under utilized and no I do not want to do the ‘dirty jobs.’ The ones someone does not feel like doing.I know I haven’t even graduated yet.But I just wish I could be able to work with someone who’s work description is more involving.I am not at all trying to say that front office is not job enough,I just have a feeling of I need to be doing more.I guess it’s because before I came here I was basically running a courier business on my own.I love the pressure.I know I can work well under it.I’m just feeling a bit under utilized today but I will not allow feelings to ruin my day.So I will smile.I will purposely enjoy the rest of the day and oh yes,a reminder from heaven,I have a school project I need to work on so this time is quite ok for now because once I hit off the project,I will need all the time possible so hey…..every cloud always has a silver lining.

I just needed to vent out for me to feel better.I thank God for writing,more,at such times like this.It just clears up my dark and heavy clouds.Nw,to listen to some uplifting music and I am all set.


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