dating lesson 101

Relationships are beautiful and amazing and we cannot do without them yet some times,once we have them,we treat them so carelessly and end up with broken pieces that not even super glue can fix and it takes the hand of God for us to truly smile again.You can call it a series or whatever you feel best but here’s my take:

Dating should never ever end.Not before or even after you get married.You need to keep dating each other,as long as you’re together.Do not allow yourselves to become casual with each other.Every morning remind yourself that your partner is a special and precious gift from above that ought to be handled with care.If you are married,remember,God actually took time to put together your partner the way they are so that they could complete the puzzle of your life.He created them specifically for you,to meet your specific needs of a partner.Treat him/her very well because after God,they should be the second most important person in your life.


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