secret lovers

i walk away

not because it is

the easiest thing

i have ever

had to do

but because

it is the right thing

for me to do

we both need to

go our separate ways

no matter how

strong the attraction

hearts will be broken

if we turn a blind eye

i know it hurts

but no pain,no gain

so i walk away

no i will not

say goodbye

lest i stay

longer than is needed

and be unable

to let go

so let me

allow me not

to touch you

allow me not to look

into your eyes

for like a dam

that’s just been released

i am afraid

the  emotions will explode

and once out

there will be no telling

what will happen next

so let me

do not

reach out to me

i just may

hold your hand

and that touch

that slight touch

is all it would take

for my knees to weaken

and my journey halted

so let me be

you and i

were never meant to be

you chanced on each other

a stare that lasted a life time

it’s time to move on

to go back to reality

you are a mirage

a chasing after the wind

let me go

to he that loves me

he that i love

and you back

to she that adores you

she that treasures

and let us be

to each other,

but a distant memory.





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