I love relationships and i love reading and talking about them.They just make life very interesting.they are like the icing on the cake of life.we are relational beings whether we like it or not.no man is an island and that’s why those who stay in solitude always end up somewhat,nuts.I’m not saying some personal time is not important,actually,it is a necessity.

Today,my two cents on relationships is about keeping it between the couple.Ladies,this is especially for us.We talk,and we love talking and talking about our issues somehow makes things clearer and makes us feel better.Well,talking is good so is talking to the right person.The latter maybe even more important than the former.

Guys also share stuff but they don’t run to their friends every time there is smoke in the kitchen.Maybe it is because men naturally are ‘mr.fix it’ but they don’t.Ladies on the other hand,we seem to have speed dial numbers for in case something happens…and the slightest misunderstanding,there we are ‘OMG’ he has done and he has said…now,i have also fallen victim of this but I decided to change tactics and talk to my man first about the issue before calling SOS and hey,it works.Like magic or JIK on white clothes.Lol.

So,what am i saying.That you shouldn’t share with your friends your trying times?Far from it.Just be sure you do not solve the problem with a third party,who is not part of the problem and leave things very hot with the person who you actually have an issue with.First,do it your way,ok God always helps out,then if that does not work,if your ways fail,then you can seek advice but always ensure you talk to/with the person you are having issues with first.

Remember,we are all different and one man’s meat is another man’s poison.You know your partner better(hopefully) than anyone else and so you know best what works and what does not.I may give you the advice i used on my man but it may not work for yours for the simple reason that my man is not your man.Vice versa for the guys.Treat your partner as the individual he/she is.Always remember that and that just as every human being is special and unique,so are relationships.

That’s my 2cents for today.Have a unique relationship day!!!!!!!!!!




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