act on what you hear/read

James 1:22-25

Do not merely listen to the word,and so deceive yourselves.Do what it says(22)…..But the man who looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom,and continues to do this,not forgetting what he has heard,but doing it-he will be blessed in what he does.(25)

So you go to church?Big deal.What is the difference between you,who is a faithful Sunday church goer and I who just nurses my hangovers early Sundays?Tell me the difference then maybe I can start doing your Sunday church thing.

How was the service?It was amazing!I mean,the praise and worship was so on point,then this guy did another amazing poetry performance and the preacher,where do i start?He was off the chains.Ok,so what did he talk about?It was something to do with purity or something.Can’t remember clearly,but he did say we need to practice purity.Do you remember the Book he read from?The Bible of course.Somewhere in the Bible.Anyway,so what’s the plot for the afternoon?

I read this verse and it hits me,if the Word you hear is not alive in your life then umm,there is really no difference with going or not going to church.We claim as born again Christians that we want to grow but we are not ready to do what it takes to grow up.We want to grow up but not have responsibilities yet the two go together.You cannot have without the other,or so I think.

It is September.The year is coming to an end.You have attended every Sunday service since January first rolled in.Take a recap.Has any of the sermons you have heard had a direct impact on your life?Can you say you are at a different place spiritually because of what so and so preached on a particular Sunday or wherever it is you heard the Word?if not,then you are just hearing and letting it go and hence the no growth evidence in your life.

Here James tells us that he who does what he hears will be blessed in all he does.So maybe that’s why things are not going the way you would like them to?Because yes,you hear but it makes no difference in your life.Paul somewhere urges us to grow up from taking milk and move to solid foods.Wean yourself.Of course milk does not require much effort but for you to chew maize or meat that isn’t as soft,it is work and most of us like being in our comfort zones.And our comfort zones do not help us grow.We remain stagnant.

I have been reading the Word.Reading but yet i feel like I’m stuck in the same place.There is no change and today,in one of my readings,James gives me the diagnosis for my problem – I have not been acting out what I read and faith without works is as good as dead.So,lesson for today is,do the Word I read.Act out on it if I want any difference to be seen.To be quick to listen and slow to speak and become angry.Our anger has no good from it whatsoever!

Another lesson I will like to try out is holiness.I want to practice holiness.You know,I met my brother’s fiancee yesterday and the way my brother described,i long for my man to be able to say that about me.He said that she is pulling him closer to God and that she is indeed a prayerful woman.Now that’s the kind of testimony I want my man to have of me and not just him but everyone who knows me.I want my fruits to be seen and I am goig to work on that.Watch this space.

P/s: I don’t know about you but for me,my greatest joy comes from being recognized as a woman after God’s own heart or a Proverbs 31 woman or,for me it all comes down to God.He is my true identity and as much as i seek acceptance and all that,i realize that if someone identifies me with Him then my joy is complete.

Have a lovely day.





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