i will survive

when i first met you

the universe seemed

to be in

perfect unity

i could hear the birds chirp

more clearly

the sun seemed  to have

a golden glow

i had never noticed before

my smile was as if

it had been pasted on my face

stuck using super glue

i just never had reason

not to smile

with you by my side

forever seemed too near

like it wasn’t enough

for our love to be fulfilled


you showed me

the bright side of life

became my only option

you were my addiction

you were my everything

the mistake i did

made you my everything

while i was

your something


It’s your weakness you say

you can’t really help it

your mama taught you well

how to be a gentleman and all

it’s not your fault really

that girls fall for your charm

that’s the explanation you give

on your way out of my life


what happened to commitment?


are these words

that even exist

in your vocabulary?

when you choose one

the fairest of them all

and no matter the advertisements

you know they are the best option?


Oh,you were not sure

that i was the best of them

you were still sampling

and you just got an offer

too hard for you to resist?

and like one would vuka

nothing personal

just have to go with your gut?


well,i wish you told me that

the day you charmed your way

into my heart

so it was all a game for you

the talks of

growing old and gray together

spending eternity

in each other’s arms

that we were soulmates?

that was all

a part of your game?

i just wonder where

you left the part

of letting me know

when you pressed start!


I gave you a complete heart

pieces is what you’re leaving me with

tears that i hate myself for shedding

but it hurts so bad

i cannot help it

now i understand why

someone said

knight in shining armor

just a man in metal…


I will survive plays in my head

it’s a bitter song i know

but truth is

i will survive

now i know better

next time i will be

more careful

i will be sure to confirm

if it’s a game

and i will play by the rules

have fun,

don’t get too close to the heat

coz you’ll probably end up





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