It’s Monday yet again.That day of the week,we would rather was just not there.I don’t know why we think Mondays are jinxed or something.You know,I learned that most of the things we describe as this or that,are actually just themselves but we as humans turn them into what they really are not.Monday is just a day of the week like any other.If you put Monday somewhere,say on a stage,it will only be Monday,that’s all it knows how to be and do.But you come and give it a tag.Monday blues.Or Mondays are boring or whatever it is that  Monday is for you.You do realize that the way you see it influences how you behave on that day.

Same to our situations in life.We are the ones who label them as positive or negative and that influences how we deal with them.If we just looked at situations as that,and deal with them from that point of view,im pretty sure we would be less stressed about the things that happen in our lives.

Stop naming things in your life that are not even alive.Money is evil?Really?Does it have a mind of its own?It’s just paper that’s been printed on and given some value.You on the other hand are a living being and in control so you get to choose how to handle the cash.If you choose to worship it,then of course you become a slave to it and will do anything just to have it.Now,when you start blaming money for you killing someone to get it,that is just blame shifting because i doubt the money spoke to you and asked you to kill someone.It is the way you think about it,because if it was evil,then all of us would go to crazy heights to get it but because some actually work hard to get that money and let it work for them as it should,then the problem is not the notes in the bank but you and your psychology.

You are man.God gave us dominion over everything else on earth.Man named the animals and all and I think that’s where maybe we got this disease of naming things.Good news,you can stop.Be in control as you were meant to be and do not give power to anything that knows not what power is.It will only misuse it and that will only hurt you.

Lovely Monday.




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